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Large Animal

2800C Large Animal Anesthesia System
2800cp Large Animal Anesthesia System
New Features
Breathing Circuit for Large Animal Anesthesia System

Small Animal

28PBA Small Animal Anesthesia System
2400V Small Animal Anesthesia System
2200 Small Animal Anesthesia System


Dolphin Ventilator
Lion Anesthesia System with Ventilator
Model 2000 Research Animal Ventilator


Elephant Ventilator for patients up to 18,000 lbs.
Elephant Ventilator for patients up to 18,000 lbs. Ventilator Controls

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Model 2800C Large Animal Anesthesia Ventilation System
(Shown with optional 0-10 L/M Air Flow Meter)
Microprocessor based ventilator for ease of use and superior performance
Large, easy to read LCD display of respiratory values
Ascending bellows (18 liters) reduces the patient's work of breathing
Quietest ventilator on the market
Option Pediatric Bellows Assembly (Model 28PBA)
No disassembly required for cleaning
GCX mounting rail for additional shelves or monitors
Quick change soda lime canister
Built to last, custom designed frame protects all critical components
Optional M.R.I. compatible

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